Ozzy Man Audio Keychain (Ships in AUGUST 2021)
Ozzy Man Audio Keychain (Ships in AUGUST 2021)

Ozzy Man Audio Keychain (Ships in AUGUST 2021)

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UPDATE May 20, 2021: Okay, so the first batch of these mint keychains has sold out in 36 hours after promoting them in Destination F#%Ked Volume 16. We are ordering more ASAP and you can expect them to ship in AUGUST from this point on. If you'd like to order other products on the site alongside an audio keychain in the same transaction and you don't mind waiting for everything to ship together in August as well then go for it.


Here's me voice! For the nominal price above, you can finally own a piece of me soul AKA some fair dinkum voice recordings in ya pocket.

Keep me with ya in the lounge, take me to parties, weddings, and even funerals (read the room, though, read the room. Or maybe don't take me to a funeral at all)! 

Available for shipment in AUGUST (for orders after May 20, July for orders between May 18-20) so put ya order in nowIf you order this item with other items we will wait and ship it altogether so it's not an additional shipping fee for you.

Here's a video that shows all 6 buttons in use and the various recording:

Cheer's ya legends!