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Great product, speedy delivery

Came quicker than a schoolie on his first trip to Bangkok. Hooroo!

Bloody Xmas present

I'm making him wait till Xmas ha ha. Will send pic from Chrissy day. Ps he loves it already

Noice, different, unusual.

More fun than a fart in dual cab! 😜

She's a beaut'.

Sick card, ay!

New Magic 8 Ball

I now use this as my own personal magic 8 ball. It almost seems to know what I'm thinking. It'd definitely needed at my new posting in the NT

Best Card Ever

Who needs a Hallmark card when you can have this little beauty. Definitely keeping it for mysekf

Wife Loved It

Wife loved it when she got it for her birthday.

F@cking Perfect!

Gave it to my mate for his engagement/baby shower! This card ticked all the boxes and put that sparkle of doubt in his eyes. Bloody brilliant!

Bloody awesome

Everybody loves a card that speaks for itself so you don't have to write as much bs😂
Yep we love em and saving up for more,
Ch cheers Oman👍👍👍😷

Ozzy man key chain

A great addition to our collection

Bonza cards

Absolutely brilliant love the cards and all my family will be getting them for birthdays

Bloody legendary CONGRATULATIONS card.

An absolute pissa of a gift for anyone who needs a good old congratulations.

Golf critic

Hidden in my cart bag for those moments when it hurts my partner the most. Works great and it's loud enough too.

Great & fun buy

Absolutely bloody fantastic. Grandson loves it just hope his first words are not destination fucked.

Yeah Nah
Michael K.
Fair Dinkum Nice Threads

Yeah nah yeah, nice shirt, mate. Good quality, comfortable.

The whole family!

Between car wrecks, skateboard wrecks, rope swing fall onto the rocks, long covid, cancer and more!
After watching Ozzy Man videos I decided to get my family Ozzy Man keychains. Best medicine ever!
I am buying more for future trips to Destination F**D. Thank you Ozzy Man! Also thank you for excellent ordering process, fast shipping and really fun updates too! All the way from Australia to Arizona flippy flippy spinney spinney spready to the Gods and nailed it lol ❤


This shirt is comfortable, well made, and fits great!

F**K YES!!


Just “F**K YES!!!

A great reminder with every sip!!

Yah nah olive, men's T

Great t-shirt. High quality, comfortable

Great shirt!

This is a great shirt. Sizing is perfect and the fabric is soft. One of my favorite t-shirts.

Awesome Merch

Really fun device many thanks

Ozzy Man audio keychain

Cannot say enough good about this product and service. Really well made and guaranteed to make you LOL. Arrived all the way from Australia to UK so quickly it puts our postal service to utter shame. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase here again. Thanks guys! And thanks to Ozzy for the joy he brings!

Love them

Enjoyed the stickers look great on my tool box at my very picky customer

Key chain

Definitely a fun item to have