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Ozzy Man Reviews is the creation of Australian Ethan Marrell. Ozzy Man began uploading to Facebook and YouTube in April, 2014. As of 2020, Ozzy Man Reviews has amassed a fan base of over 15 million people. He has 3.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 9.9 million followers on Facebook. 1.6 million tune in on IGTV too. I also have started a Tik Tok with 560k fans there ay. Shit, I mean "He"... I'm trying to be profesh and write in third person format here for some fucken reason. 

He has created over 500 weird and wonderful comedy commentary videos on his channels. The topics covered are very broad, he’s tackled: a tortoise attacking a cat, the amazing gymnastics routines of Katelyn Ohashi, grandiose military parades, idiots charged by bulls, the ups and downs of Game of Thrones, UFC fighter reviews, and even a marble race from the Netherlands – Ozzy Man has brought them all to life with his gruff charm and turned them into viral gold.

His sidekick Dan the Tech Guy made a fancy commercial showreel for him the other day

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