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Ozzy Man Audio Keychain Ozzy Man Audio Keychain
Ozzy Man Audio Keychain $15.00 $20.00
Here's me voice! For the nominal price above, you can finally own a piece of me soul AKA some fair dinkum voice recordings in ya pocket. Keep me with ya in the lounge, take me to parties, weddings, and even funerals (read the room, though, read the room. Or maybe don't take me to a funeral at all)!  Here's a video that shows all 6 buttons in use and the various recordings:  Cheer's ya legends!
Ozzy Man's Audio Congratulations Card! Ozzy Man's Audio Congratulations Card!
Ozzy Man's Audio Congratulations... from $11.50
We have captured and distilled the purest form of Ozzy Man's voice and produced the most powerful greeting card ever created. It covers most bloody events you can think of; graduations, work, injuries, marriage, breeding. This is the last and only card you will ever need. It has hi-tech flashing lights inside it as well, mate.  Available to buy on its own or in a pack of 5 if ya wanna give it to multiple legends. If ya buy 10 I'll put a free audio keychain in ya package too!  Go on, get it in ya cart! Cheers, Ozzy Man
Destination F#%ked Cap Destination F#%ked Cap
Destination F#%ked Cap $25.00
We have an old summertime proverb here in Australia: Slip-slop-slap. So, slip on ya Yeah Nah tee shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on this fair dinkum sunny day necessity: the Destination F#%ked cap. I reckon it's not just for the summer either; you can wear it in the winter, bloody inside, outside, forwards, backwards. The possibilities are endless. Go on, chuck it in ya cart, legend.
Destination F#%Ked 2020 Mouse Pad Destination F#%Ked 2020 Mouse Pad
Destination F#%Ked 2020 Mouse... $17.50
Using the internet and surfing the web has become an undeniable big deal over the years. Everyone bloody knows they need to be well equipped when they boot up the computer. A mouse pad is arguably the most-- no, fuck it, IT IS THE MOST important piece of computing equipment in the world.  ENTER the Destination F#%Ked 2020 mouse pad!  275mm x 190mm x 5mm thick. The Destination F#%Ked 2020 design is by a top bloke called Greg. He goes by the name @Drawtism on the social medias. Go follow the legend. 
YEAH NAH T-Shirt -... $40.00
Yeah Nah. This shirt is all about getting to the farkin' point. Wearing this bewdy lets your fellow humans of Earth know that you’re not interested in long-winded conversations.  Please check the SIZE CHART. Pro Tip: The AS Colour brand can be a bit longer, but not necessarily wider when moving up the sizes. So again, check the SIZE CHART. 
Destination F#%Ked Baby Onesie Romper - Unisex Destination F#%Ked Baby Onesie Romper - Unisex
Destination F#%Ked Baby Onesie... $32.50
Indoctrinate ya child into the Ozzy Man cult with this lovely baby onesie. There's honestly way worse cults ya could get a child involved in. At least we're a nice cult with a healthy, balanced dose of cynicism AND positivity in the community. it's useful when the little one decides to crap their pants in a café, cry on a crowded airplane or burp all over your freshly ironed shirt. Sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months.
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