Ozzy Man's Mad World Book (SIGNED)
Ozzy Man's Mad World Book (SIGNED)

Ozzy Man's Mad World Book (SIGNED)

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Ozzy Man's Mad World is a literary exploration of my favourite moments on Earth so far, or at least the ones I've managed to critique. Part nature book, part sports book, part news-and-viral-entertainment book, this is Ozzy Man's take on living in a mad world. Written and published in 2017. 

'Ozzy Man always finds a way to spice up the banal, put some panache into the otherwise monotonous and regularly rouse your spirits over something stupid.' ~Bam Margera's blog

'Brilliant, funny, creative. Keep it up man. You are the best!' ~A super-nice YouTube subscriber

Yeah nah yeah it's a fucken great coffee table book. 

Every copy is signed by yours truly on the first inside page.